One of the stories that I never tire of hearing, told to me so many times by so many of our guests, is about how their dad used to bring them to the Boulevard on a Saturday afternoon, and while the dad was having a beer the man behind the bar would give the kid a Shirley Temple and a pretzel rod, and instruct them not to move from their chair. That man behind the bar was Georges Neemer, one of the original founders of The Boulevard.

This spirit lives on in everything we do, every single day, it’s The Boulevard’s way. The way it was created in 1939 continues to this very day. The new chapter of our story reflects our love for food, drink and sharing with others. So raise a glass, pass a plate and make a memory, there’s always room at our table.

My name is Fares Jasser, present owner of The Boulevard. I came into this business in August 1981 for a summer job with my Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike was passed the baton from his great uncle Georges in the late 1960’s. I consider myself a very lucky business man to have had a life coach and a mentor in Uncle Mike Jasser. He taught me the value of our heritage and tradition, putting the focus on the people first and always. Learning this from his magnetic personality and generous soul was truly a gift.